29th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Parasitology

15–17 March 2021 • DIGITAL

29th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Parasitology

15–17 March 2021 • DIGITAL

Entrance to the digital conference


User Manual

Technical prerequisites

  • In regard of connectivity and quality, we recommend the use of a LAN connection instead of the use of wifi.
  • Please make sure that you are using the latest version of your internet browser. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer as browser. Please also make sure that you do not open too many tabs in your browser.
  • Please make sure that your audio and video quality is sufficient.
  • In order to visit the industrial exhibition, the minimum requirements are 4GB RAM and a DUAL CORE CPU 2x2.6GHz

As regular participants:

  • Please check if your browser and operating system supports the use of Vimeo.

As active session participants (chairs, speakers, poster authors)

  • Please check if your browser and operating system supports the use of Zoom.
  • Please check if you installed the Zoom client for meetings.
  • Please make sure that your connection speed provides 2 Mbps upload, 4 Mbps download or better. You can test your Internet connection speed here.
  • Please make sure that your audio settings are appropriate. You can check your settings in advance here. You can improve the quality by using a headset.
  • We advise using a laptop or computer in order to guarantee an optimal visualization. Of course, the use of mobile devices is also supported.

Code of conduct

General rules 

  • Please use your real name unless your pseudonym is generally known. 
  • Please use a profile picture (portrait, face not covered) so that participants can identify you and can get in touch with you more easily. 
  • Recording presentations in any form (audio, video, photo) as well as distributing the material is not permitted.

Chat rules 

  • Politeness and respect are of highest priority. 
  • Please follow the chairs’ instructions. 
  • Personal offense, racist and sexist comments are not permitted, and will be deleted accordingly. 
  • Spam and ads are not permitted either and will be deleted accordingly. 

The organisers retain the right that they will exclude anyone who does not follow the rules listed above.

Data privacy protection
Please note that the on-demand material will be available to all registered participants until 30 June 2021 (subject to the authors' consent). Presentations will only be stored and made available for the time agreed to by the authors. Further details can be found on the digital congress website.

Additional network related settings

In case you are working with a company device (PC, laptop) in the company network (e.g. clinic, company) or with a rental device – to please clarify the following points with your IT department prior to your participation at the congress:
1. The following ports must be open:

  • Port 443 (https)
  • for security reasons, port 80 (http)

2. JavaScript must be activated in your browser.
3. The following domains must not be blocked by your firewall:

  • Domain congress platform: parasitology-digital.de
  • Domain programme management: program-management.conventus.de/
  • Domain for verification: *.conventus-apps.de
  • Participant chat: rc-k5020a10196.qutic.com
  • Support chat support2.conventus.de
  • Live streaming:
    • vimeo.com
    • cdn.livestream.com
    • api.new.livestream.com
    • playback2.akamaized.net/*
    • playback.akamaized.net/*         
    • livestream-f.akamaihd.net/*
    • secure-playlist.livestream.com/*